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Fluid Power

Serving the Fluid Power Industry at T-LON Products

“Fluid Power” is the term we use to describe hydraulic and pneumatic technologies, as both use a fluid – either liquid or gas – to transfer power from location to location. Hydraulic and pneumatic technologies fall into the category of “power transmission,” which means power is converted to a more compliant form and then transported to where the power is needed. Fluid Power isn’t the only form of power transmission – mechanical and electrical are also common methods.

Advantages of Fluid Power

  • Fluid Power can usually transfer the same amount of power as mechanical or electrical, but in a much smaller space (and especially when extreme force and/or torque is needed)
  • Fluid Power easily produces linear motion, whereas mechanical and electrical require a mechanical device to change rotational motion to linear motion
  • Fluid Power offers simple yet effective control using simple control valves. These valves govern the direction, speed, force and torque of the power transmission
  • Fluid Power systems usually does not need electrical power, thus eliminating the risk of electrical shock, sparks, fire and explosions

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The Key Difference Between Hydraulic & Pneumatic Technology


a technology that uses a liquid, usually oil, to transmit power


a technology that uses gas, usually compressed air, to transmit power

Applications of Fluid Power

Cranes and Boom lifts
Hydraulic Brake Valve
Gear pumps
Check and ball valves
Recirculation valves

Diaphragm pumps
Vacuum pumps
Well-digger brakes
Paint spraying systems
Wiper seals

T-LON Products at Work in the Fluid Power Industry

T-LON’s series of Piston Seals are specifically engineered to serve the Fluid Power Industry. Hydraulic cylinders can be very large in size – for an application like a dam. Pneumatic cylinders are typically smaller in size and can be used in applications such as pneumatic brakes.

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