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Innovative Engineering

Our Company

T-LON brings a variety of expertise to the engineering world, crossing entire industries and an ever-growing number of applications. T-LON has been taking today’s sealing challenges head-on and has been designing and manufacturing seals for OEMs, distributors, and MROs for the past 40+ years. With all this experience — whatever your problem — T-LON has probably seen, solved, and sold it before.

Whether it’s a standard part from our catalog or a custom product to meet your specific needs, you can depend on the expertise of the T-LON team.

Through our innovative engineering, we can:

  • Provide application and design assistance
  • Share material evaluations and test reports
  • Provide CAD drawings and design analysis
  • Reverse engineer existing materials and products
  • Bench test current and proposed designs
  • Design seals of precise drag requirements
  • 3D printer prototype tooling

Our goal is to maximize the engineering process in a timely manner to give you the very best at every step of the project.

T-LON Capabilities

  • New product innovation
  • Integrated fabrication process
  • Simple to complex designs
  • Small to large usage requirements
  • Low volume expertise to high volume automatic
  • Problem-solving partnerships from product development to production

Give us a call and get a quote today. We are ready to take on your challenge, even if it means developing a proprietary PTFE material for your application.

The very best at every step of the project.

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