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Material Properties

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Our PTFE Materials

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is the world’s most widely used fluoropolymer due to its many outstanding physical properties.  These properties include low static and dynamic coefficients of friction, chemical inertness and stability over a wide temperature range.  Often times PTFE provides the only solution in terms of technical performance.

Virgin PTFE, however, has a low resistance to wear and is susceptible to deformation under certain compressive loads.  Performance can be significantly improved with the addition of filler materials.  Wear resistance and deformation under load can be greatly enhanced by adding fillers such as glass and bronze.  Fillers can also positively affect the thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and electrical properties of virgin PTFE.  During our 35+ years we have worked with over 100 different PTFE/filler combinations, all designed to satisfy specific customer requirements.

The engineering staff at T-LON works on a daily basis to develop unique material compounds that provide sealing solutions for demanding applications.  Our experienced staff is able to take a project from inception through installation completing the design, prototyping and production along the way.  Our goal is to maximize the creative process in a timely manner and do our very best during every step of your project.

We invite you to challenge us to develop a proprietary PTFE material for your application.

Also offered is a wide range of non PTFE thermoplastic materials.  These materials include but are not limited to PEEK, UHMW, NYLON, and ACETAL.

The tables found in this section describe properties of the most frequently used T-LON compounds.  Information concerning other PTFE blends of material is available upon request.

Material Spec Table 

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