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Quality Assurance

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We want to earn your confidence!

The T-LON Quality System is based on our philosophy of continuous improvement, lot traceability, Statistical Process Control, and ISIR preparation, along with all the requirements of ISO 9001. It is standard procedure in our daily operations to ensure consistent quality of our products and services.

Product quality is the responsibility of every single member of the T-LON team. We use a muli-point check-in process and statistical process control to ensure that our products will continually exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our confidence in our high-quality product is rooted in the following:

  • Service-oriented Assistance
  • Innovative Product Designs
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Over 35 Years of Experience
  • Materials Testing Capabilities
  • Technical Service Expertise
  • Problem-solving Culture
  • Flexibility for our Customers

Steps T-LON takes to Guarantee Quality Assurance:

  • ISO9001 Certified
  • ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report)
  • PPAP
  • Lot Control

A Philosophy of continuous improvement.


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