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Serving the Oil & Gas Industry at T-LON Products

A very demanding industry, seals at use in oil & gas applications must showcase longevity and high-performance in fluctuating settings. For instance, seals for well drilling must stand up against the increasingly harsh environments as the well is drilled deeper and deeper – challenges like high system pressures, sour gas, low friction and high temperatures, to name a few.

Once the drilling is complete, petroleum products rely on seals as they are transported to processing facilities and end users via pipelines, barges, trucks and railroads. These seals must withstand wide chemical compatibility, temperature fluctuations from one extreme to the other, corrosion and extrusion and high pressures.

As the Oil & Gas industry is so demanding, seals are also expected to demonstrate a long life in between replacement, thus minimizing downtime for machinery at work in this highly competitive industry.

Top Requirements for Seals in the Oil & Gas Industry

– Ability to Cope with Harsh Conditions
– Resistance to Aggressive Fluids & Steam Injection at High Temperatures
– Chemical Compatibility
– Extended Longevity of Service

Applications of Oil & Gas Industry Seals

– Downhole seals
– Rotary head seals
– Submersible pumps
– Artificial Lift Systems
– Gas Lift Valves

– Drilling tools and bits
– Drilling mud systems
– Mining
– Tank systems

Longevity & high-performance in fluctuating settings.

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T-LON Products at Work in the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas industry typically utilizes large hydraulic seals. At T-LON Products, the seals manufactured are able to meet the many challenges inherent in the industry and deliver a high-performing and long-lasting solution. T-LON’s C Series of Rod Buffer Seals provide effective sealing at both high and low system pressures and provide stability that is unaffected by pressure, shock or rod velocity.

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