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Serving the Construction Industry at T-LON Products

The Construction industry requires long-lasting solutions when it comes to seals. This industry is one of the most diverse, with needs ranging from mining equipment to infrastructure in sustainable environments with a growing population. Seals in use in the Construction industry have no margin for error, as humans live and work around them. For instance, seals in use in a crawling digger (also known as an excavator) must provide comfort and safety for the operator while also stabilizing the cab over rough terrain. Meanwhile, seals in use in infrastructure must manage increasing populations (and therefore increasing usage) and be sustainable over a long period of time.

Seals in use within the Construction industry must handle thousands of hours of continual use and be extremely reliable in all environments and terrains. The solution? T-LON’s high-performing PTFE Seals.

Benefits of Using T-LON PTFE Seals in the Construction Industry

– Increases efficiency and saves energy
– Stands up to intense pressure and heat that is commonly found in drivetrain assemblies
– Remains cool
– Reduces energy consumption
– Long-lasting
– Provides a secure fit
– Prevents spinning in cold conditions

Applications of Construction Industry Seals

  • Lip seals for heavy-duty trucks
  • Cylinders in dump trucks, wheel loaders, mining trucks and motor graders
  • Underground directional drills
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Hose Reels / Hydraulic Swivels
  • Pneumatic hammers
  • Telescoping booms in place in cherry-pickers, mining excavators and backhoe loaders

Serving the construction industry on a global scale.

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T-LON Products at Work in the Construction Industry

T-LON manufactures high-performance seal solutions for the Construction Industry on a global scale. T-LON rotary lip seals are found in Central Tire Inflation, Superchargers, Drivetrains, Air Conditioning and Steering axle seals. Many of the T-LON PTFE seals are found in earth-moving equipment from steering systems, axles and braking systems.

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