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Serving the Agriculture Industry at T-LON Products

Seals at use in the Agriculture industry must demonstrate high-performance in harsh conditions. For instance, any seal in the Agriculture industry must stand up to extreme exposure to dirt, rocks, roots and the like. Additionally, as many of the seals used in the Agriculture industry are used in heavy machinery operated by humans, the seals must fulfill a dual purpose of operator safety and operator comfort. These seals must also be able to handle tough terrain while providing stability. As an added challenge in today’s global economy, seals in the Agriculture industry should maximize engine efficiency, thus providing fuel economy and general energy-saving.

As with seals in use within the Construction industry, seals in the Agriculture industry must be long-lasting, high-performing and extremely reliable, operating in temperature fluctuations, under high pressure and among dirt, moisture, corrosive greases and fuels – all of which are common in the machinery used in the Agriculture industry.

Applications of Agriculture Industry Seals

  • Hydraulic transmissions in tractors
  • Hydraulic steering gear in agricultural equipment
  • Lift mast for forklifts
  • Spray nozzles
  • Skid loaders
  • Combine and cotton harvester
  • Forest machinery, such as knuckleboom loaders, forestry swing machines and skidders

High performance in harsh conditions.

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T-LON Products at Work in the Agriculture Industry

T-LON manufactures the rotary lip seals that contribute to smooth and efficient operation of agricultural equipment such as drive trains, chassis, loading and more. Many of T-LON Products’ standard seals, particularly the SPI and RPI lines, go into the Agricultural industry. These seals are typically hydraulic and reciprocating motion seals. T-LON’s PTFE seals are also used in spraying systems and nozzles, and T-LON’s transmission seals can be found in agricultural applications worldwide.

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