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Serving the Food & Beverage Industry at T-LON Products

The Food & Beverage industry requires all sealing products to be designed and manufactured to highly specific and exacting standards. A number of requirements must be met before the FDA will deem a seal FDA compliant. For instance, all food & beverage seals must be durable and safe for humans in a variety of applications, including those involving food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Food & beverage seals need to be functional and adaptable depending on the application. A seal in use in a chocolate factory must be resistant to high temperatures, whereas seals in use at a dairy must withstand fatty and protein-rich products for long durations. Food & beverage seals may be called on to tolerate oils, acids, sugars, salts – and more.

Requirements of Food & Beverage Seals

Food & Beverage seals must meet challenging requirements in order to remain compliant to a host of national and international standards. These standards ensure that seal quality is maintained despite brutal conditions – conditions like fluctuating temperatures, high temperatures, essential oils, abrasion and flexibility. T-LON Products are compliant to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550, USP Class VI, NSF 51/61, RoHS, CA Prop 65, EU Directive 10/2011 EC, EU Regulation 1935/2004.

Food & Beverage seals must also hold up against aggressive cleaning techniques (e.g. CIP and SIP) in combination with high temperatures. CIP refers to clean-in-place, and SIP stands for sterilization-in-place – these are the top methods for cleaning processing systems, ensuring food & beverage products do not become toxic or contaminated. Thus, CIP and SIP are standards to which Food & Beverage seals must comply. Both processes also ensure that flavor does not transfer from one batch of food and/or beverages and that hygiene remains uncompromised.


Applications of Food & Beverage Seals

– Blenders/Mixers/Rotary Unions
– High-speed filling stations
– Pharmaceutical
– Tri-clamp gaskets
– Pumps

– Centrifuge housing
– Coffee machines
– Bottling applications
– Safety valves

Seals that stand up to highly specific & exacting standards.

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T-LON Products at Work in the Food & Beverage Industry

T-LON manufactures many different types of sanitary gaskets for the Food & Beverage industry. These are mostly static seals that are changed out when temperature or cleaning solutions require a PTFE solution. Sanitary tri-clamp gaskets are used for chemical resistance, PTFE SES seals for high-speed filling equipment, rod seals for mixers, diaphragms for pumps and valve stem seats for chemical processing.

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