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The versatility of our materials, combined with the service-oriented expertise of our people, enable us to serve a wide variety of industries. No matter your industry, you have our on-going commitment that your needs will be met with the most effective product and the most efficient, personal service.

Serving the Industrial Industry at T-LON Products

As a high-demand environment, seals at use in the Industrial industry must be long-lasting and guarantee continuous operation. Industrial markets cover a broad range of applications, from electrical applications for insulation properties, to semiconductor manufacturing for large temperature ranges. Because of this array of applications, the features and performance for Industrial industry seals must be varied and diverse as well.

Benefits of Using T-LON PTFE Seals in the Industrial Industry

– Long-lasting
– Increases efficiency while saving energy
– Operates in extreme temperature fluctuations
– Resistance to corrosive and chemical materials
– Insulates against conducting electricity
– Resilient in tough, harsh conditions

Applications of Industrial Industry Seals

  • Insulators and connectors within electrical applications for insulation properties
  • Semiconductor manufacturing for large temperature ranges
  • Bearings and O-rings for machine tools
  • Beakers and plugs for laboratory applications that require chemical resistance
  • Bearing pads for machines and actuators

The Most Effective Product & the Most efficient, personal service.

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T-LON Products at Work in the Industrial Industry

T-LON’s proprietary material, patent-pending T-SMART® PTFE, has the ability to reach exceptional performance properties over virgin PTFE in mechanical, chemical, and thermal applications. Beyond its performance, T-SMART® PTFE demonstrates a unique 90% snapback, thus helping to eliminate costly re-forming processes. Ideal applications of T-SMART® PTFE include O-rings, gaskets, lip seals, and piston seals, to name a few. T-SMART® PTFE’s unique properties make it an ideal material for many applications in the Industrial industry.

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