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TAI Series PTFE Wear Tape

The TAI wear tape is skived filled PTFE film to guide a rod or piston to avoid metal on metal contact in dry or lubricated applications. A gap should intentionally be calculated in the cut length to allow fluid flow to and from the seal gland and prevent pressure trap or hydrolock between the seal and wear ring.

The TAI PTFE wear tape can be ordered cut to length with any of the following cuts: butt, angle (scarf), or step cut.


• Low friction
• Improve concentricity
• Prevent large extrusion gaps that cause seal failure
• Prevent galling
• Prevent squealing typically with Nylon bearings in certain applications

Calculating length of strips with proper gap:

Length (in) = (ID+T) x (11-E) – G
• ID = Rod Diameter / Piston
Groove Diameter (in)
• T = Tape Thickness (in)
• (insert pi symbol) = Pi (3.1416)
• E = Expansion (.03 Average)
• G = Gap
0.030″ for temp <250°F 0.080″ for temp >250°F


• Shocks and Struts
• Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders
• Pneumatic Piston Cylinders
• Agriculture Equipment
• Hydraulic Valves and Pumps
• Filling Machines
• Testing Machinery

Technical Data:

The T-LON® PTFE wear tape compound and width determines allowable radial load and velocity ranges
• Velocity: Up to 50 ft/s
• Radial Load: See Calculation (Max velocity and radial load cannot be used together)
• Temp. Range: -400°F to 550°F (Above 250°F, compressive strength decreases reducing radial load capability)

Most Common:


• High compressive strength/wear resistance

• Chemical resistant and used in applications with minimal to no lubrication

BRONZE FILLED PTFE (“21” or “22”)
• High compressive strength/wear resistance (More bronze content improves these properties).
• Low abrasive features

• Good wear resistance for parts with rougher surface finish
• More chemical resistant and used Table 1: Compressive Strengths in applications with minimal to no

Calculating Tape Width using Bearing Stress Calculation:

• Width (in) = (F x FS) / (1D x C)
• F = Radial Force (lb)
• FS = Factor of Safety (2 Min. recommended)
• ID = Rod Diameter / Piston Groove Diameter (in)
• C = Wear Tape Compressive Strength (psi, See Table 1)

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